Events | PR & Tradeshow Booth

Client: PayRange March 2018

Challenge: The NAMA Show delivers opportunity and education in convenience services for operators and professionals in vending, coffee services, foodservice, micro markets and pantry. In 2018, PayRange reached an incredible milestone. 5 years ago, they launched their company at NAMA and the company achievements never stopped.

Solution: The tradeshow booth was completely redesigned as a highly interactive 2-sided storywalk illustrating where they’ve been and where they are going. It also served as the main communication of all the partnerships along the way including the most recent announcement with CPI. Opening day, we hosted a live press event in the booth with Paresh Patel (founder and CEO of PayRange), Eric Kaled (Sr. VP and GM | Crane Payment Innovations) and Bill Dobbins from Visa.

Role: Acted as creative director, planner, writer, and producer in collaboration with Kaycia Ogata (Design) and Rains|Birchard Marketing (Production).

Deliverables: Modular tradeshow booth. 5 interactive stories. 5 videos. Press event promoting the new partnership with CPI. Co-wrote presentations given by Paresh Patel.

*In addition to the 2018 NAMA Show, Amanda Mailey led the March 2017 Amusement Expo in Dallas Texas, the April 2017 NAMA show in Las Vegas, and the June 2017 SHRM conference in New Orleans.