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Client: PayRange June 2017 – June 2018

Challenge: PayRange spent the first 2 years targeting US vending machine operators through existing relationships. They had a vending brochure they used at trade shows, but this was the only piece of collateral available for the sales team. As the company focused on global expansion, a full marcom library was now needed to sell at scale. 

Solution: Leveraging the newly crafted messaging framework and photo library, a design language was established for all PayRange marcom. Brochures for each industry vertical, hardware product sales briefs, and feature deep dive info sheets consistenly communicated the value props to current and prospective customers. Assets were also broken up and leveraged on the company website and in social channels.

Role: Acted as creative director, writer, brand strategist, and producer in collaboration with Kaycia Ogata.

Deliverables: Full marcom library for Vending, Laundry, and Amusement for B2B and B2C. 15 different pieces. 

Pdfs available on request.