Branding | Messaging Framework

Client: PayRange – November 2016

Challenge: As PayRange entered the laundry and amusement industry, they were no longer solely a vending product. They were also expanding into customer loyalty programs and other services. A unified voice was needed.

Solution: A messaging framework, addressing each of their audiences and brand stories, was created to consistently communicate the USPs across all marketing vehicles. This framework became the baseline for all marketing to follow. In addition, naming nomenclature was established for existing and new products and features released. All marketing channels were then updated accordingly and close collaboration with engineering ensured the messaging was updated in the mobile app.

Role: Acted as creative director, writer, brand strategist, and planner in collaboration with Charla Solheim.

Deliverables: Messaging framework across all audiences and verticals.

Key contributions:

  • PayRange Brand Story
  • Messaging Pilliars
  • Tagline: Swipe up and go.
  • Slogan: Everyday payments made easy.
  • Product Naming: BluKey Connect