DMO Albania Case Study

Nonprofit: PR and Strategic Partnerships

Tirana, Albania

DMO Albania, is a nonprofit Destination Managing and Marketing Organization, based in Tirana. Their mission is to promote Albania by highlighting and marketing the rich diversity, history, landscape, and culture of each city and region in the country. A newly established organization and months from their inaugural Tirana Photo Festival they hired Amanda Mailey to lead the PR, Marketing, and Sponsorship Program. The Festival, a first of its kind in Albania, celebrates the art of photography through photo contests, exhibitions, seminars, and tours to engage as many new artists as possible.

The opening ceremony, of the 7 day event, encouraged 200 attendees to see the beautiful country of Albania through 100 breathtaking picturesque captures by professional and amateur photographers. An important cause because much of the Albanian population has either moved out of the country or is planning to do so. Winners of the photo contest were announced and a new annual event, dedicated to the arts and tourism, was born.


  • Strategy consulting
  • Communication Plan | Event Marketing
  • Copywriting | Messaging
  • Sponsorship program development
  • Securing of event sponsors
  • Opening ceremony speech | Media Interview


“Our nonprofit was newly established and the first assignment, to host the Tirana Photo Festival, was a large endeavor with very little time to execute. The project was supported by Tirana Municipality, but we were in need of other sponsors to make the event successful. We were thankful to hire Amanda and her expertise when we needed it most. She jumped right in, designed our marketing efforts, helped craft the messaging and built a sponsorship program that attracted our first sponsors. With a few weeks of her efforts, she laid the foundation for a successful annual event. Interest was so high that the 2018 exhibition was extended another week. The 2019 Festival was bigger and and more successful, which is leading to preparation for 2020. We highly recommend Amanda.” Eva Kushova, Director of DMO Albania