PayRange Case Study

Startup: Marketing and Communications

Portland, OR

pay_range logo

PayRange, a leading mobile payment app for automated retail, is a startup that debuted it’s hardware and mobile app in 2015. By 2016, they secured their Series B funding and were looking to scale globally and expand into new verticals beyond vending. Filling the Director of Marketing role for the first time, was an essential step to round out their existing executive leadership (CEO, COO, VP of Engineering, VP of Sales).

After performing a company marketing assessment and presenting a recommended plan of action, Amanda Mailey was hired to fill this role to drive the vision and execution. Up until this point, very little marketing had been done besides a logo, packaging, and a website. This was an opportunity to launch a brand to the world.

Services: Branding, Planning, Strategy, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Design, PR, Production, Management, Social Channel(s) Setup and Management, Product Development.




Photo of Andrew Pfaendler

“Amanda brings a robust and professional collection of skills and experience to the workplace that greatly enhances team cohesion and strategic clarity. She is at ease presenting her ideas to audiences large and small and does so with captivating casual elegance. Her wit and charm make her a pleasure to work with and truly engaging, and I would love the opportunity to work with her again in the future.” Andrew Pfaendler, Director of Operations at PayRange

Photo of Nemisha Patel

“I worked with Amanda during her time at PayRange, she came into a place that was a blank space in regards to branding and marketing. Being the leader that she is, she took on every aspect of the marketing landscape; built out the brand, incorporated our brand into external and internal communications, and provided support to all departments of our company. She created and designed content that was used in our publications and product offerings. Her industry experience is remarkable. Lastly, Amanda’s passion for getting things done right and with quality made her great to work with each and every day!” Nemisha Patel, Business Analysis at PayRange