Social | Community Management

Client: PayRange December 2016 – June 2018

Challenge: PayRange had social properties established, but they weren’t maintained consistently and all the messaging and imagery needed a redesign.

Solution: Leveraging the newly crafted messaging framework and photo library, all channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) were refreshed. New branded channel and training portal was launched on YouTube. A communication strategy was developed along with an advertising spend and an editorial calendar planned. This was the first consistent B2B and B2C marketing being done. Engagement was measured and lead gen began with the support of online banners and promoted posts.

Role: Acted as strategist, channel manager, advertiser, and content developer in collaboration with Maggie Palmer and Kaycia Ogata.

Services: Redesigned properties, lead gen measurement setup, integration with Microsoft Dynamics, social community management, content management, display banner and post design, advertising optimization.