Video | Training Tutorials

Client: PayRange December 2016 – April 2019

Challenge: PayRange was spending thousands of hours over the phone and along with high travel costs for training. Although the “how” was simple, the explanation can get complex. In order to scale, short videos were needed right away. However, as a Start Up there was very little budget available and video production can get costly.

Solution: In collaboration with Dave Daya, who is a lead field specialist for PayRange, we took the many questions he gets from B2B and B2C scenarios and screen captured tutorials. Since many people already know and love him, we used his voice as narration. For machine installation training, simple video captures were done with a handheld and Hans Hauffman, another PayRange deployment specialist.

Results: The videos were wildly successful and very little budget was used. They became integrated in customer support protocols, sales calls, the website, and social channels. This ultimately led to support tickets going down and customer satisfaction going up.

Role: Acted as creative director, producer, and planner. 

Deliverables: Design and launch of the YouTube training channel. 52 videos developed ranging from 45-90 seconds.